Intermountain Cactus


Celebrating 40 years growing winter hardy cactus, agaves and yuccas

Some of our newer varieties and enduring favorites include:

  1. Opuntias (Prickly Pears) with different colored flowers and unusual spines

  2. Pediocactus with its many varieties

  3. Sclerocactus (The forgotten genus) with its hooked spines

  4. Echinocereus (barrel cactus); and cactus from South America

  5. Agave Utahensis Var. Eborispina with its white spines

  6. Agave Havardiana with its blue leaves.

  7. Yucca Harrimaniae and Yucca Nana are two dwarf varieties we specialize growing

  8. Joshua Trees may be limited so please inquire before ordering

We recommend the purchase of the 3rd edition of John Spain’s book “GROWING WINTER HARDY CACTUS IN COLD/WET CLIMATES” John Spain lives in Connecticut and has been growing cactus since 1965. The book is a must for all cacti lovers. The cost is $24.95 including postage.

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We also welcome trades and visitors are welcome to our garden, just call to arrange your visit.

Enjoy your winter hardy cactus this year!



1478 Ewe Turn

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Since 1976

Intermountain Cactus - 2016

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2016 Price List is now available2016_Price_List.html